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Riddle of Scales

This logic game asks the player to find 1 object out of a total of 12, that differs slightly in weight from the others. It can be either a little heavier, or a little lighter.

In order to find the odd one out, the player may use an oldfashioned balance, that compares the objects in both scales, tipping either to the left or to the right, or staying level.

The player may only weigh the objects 3 times, so it's imperative to choose wisely which objects to put on both sides.

It is no longer in the Appstore … Apple thought it had been too long in the store without any new updates and informed me that it would be removed, unless I release a new version. Given that the game brought in the vast sum of $7 and a few cents in total, I decided no to invest any more time into it.

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